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How long does the makeup brush wash the makeup brush cleaning?


How often do you wash your Makeup Brush? In fact, many people still don't realize that makeup tools need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they will easily produce bacteria or build up dirt. And when cleaning the Makeup brush, it is necessary to follow the correct cleaning method. How often should the makeup brush be cleaned? Do you have any precautions when cleaning the makeup brush? Let's get to know it!


How often does the makeup brush clean?

In general, the makeup brush needs to be washed once with water for about one to two weeks. Use a special makeup brush cleaner or shampoo when washing. After washing, use a towel to absorb moisture and air dry.
The makeup brush is washed once in one to two weeks, while dry cleaning is used every day. After each use, take a proper amount of makeup powder and wipe it for dry cleaning.

If you just bought the makeup brush, you need to wash it a few times before using it. When cleaning, wash a small amount of unsolid bristles in the direction of the bristles.


Common misunderstandings for cleaning Makeup Brushes

   Misunderstanding 1: vigorously clean the makeup brush
The bristles of the makeup brush are actually quite fragile. It should be gentle when cleaning. Do not use too much force.

   Myth 2: All aspects of washing makeup brush
In fact, the makeup brush does not need to be washed with water. The pen and the bristles are actually not to touch the water. After the water is immersed, the joint is easily degummed and damaged, and the pen is prone to mold.

   Misunderstanding 3: Dry the makeup brush with a hair dryer
Although the makeup brush can be quickly dried by the hair dryer, it will damage the bristles of the makeup brush and reduce the service life of the makeup brush. Therefore, after cleaning, the makeup brush should be placed in the sun or in a well ventilated place.

The above is the problem you should be aware of when cleaning the makeup brush. Now you know how to clean the makeup brush! Don't forget to wash regularly when using a makeup brush to prevent the makeup brush from accumulating dirt or bacteria. Then it is not good to use makeup!

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