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Choose different makeup brushes for different purposes


Choose different Makeup Brushes for different purposes:

1. Loose Powder Brush: used for setting makeup, the brush area is slightly larger;
2. Blush Brush: used to sweep blush, the brush area is large, the brush has round head and bevel;
3. Contouring brush: with the contouring cake to strengthen the facial contour, the brush has a round head and a beveled angle;
4. Highlight brush: used to emphasize the protruding bone structure of the face, modify the outline, and make the face more three-dimensional;
5. Fan-shaped brush: It is a flat fan-shaped, used to remove excess floating powder after setting makeup;
6. Eye shadow brush: There are small and large numbers, choose according to the size of the eye shadow range, at least six are equipped;
7. Eyebrow Brush: Inclined, with a certain degree of strength, should choose flat bristles, not scattered, so as to better express the texture of different parts of the eyebrows;
8. Eyeliner brush: choose a small area and use it with eyeliner or water-soluble eyeliner powder;
9. Lip brush: The brush should be small and soft, used to apply lipstick and lip gloss, and the side peak of the pen can also be used to draw the lip line;
10. Concealer Brush: Use with concealer to cover up the untidy and subtle areas of the skin;
11. Smudge Brush: used to modify the subtle parts of the drawing error;
12. Eyelash curler: used to comb the eyebrows and eyelashes.

When choosing a professional Makeup Brush, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The raw materials of the Makeup brush should be animal hair (yellow wolf tail, fine mink hair. squirrel hair) softer and not irritating to the skin;
2: Fine workmanship does not fall apart, does not shed hair, and is elastic.

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